Sunday, December 13, 2009


In art never say what what you created let the viewer tell you what they see.
lesson learned here. This series was created out of a feeling of being trapped. I created this abstract series depicting figure in bottles, thinking I saw them as being all BOTTLE UP. My viewers saw figures in yoga poses, others saw figures in vessels like the Greek art.My motto ask what they see before I explain my muse.

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Johnnie Belinda creating unique art works out of melted pigmented bees wax. My unique encuastic abstracts I use a technique of melting, tilting, and swirling that creates the vivid abstracts of spirit beings and florals. I have no thought to what may appear on the hardboard surface. Allowing a force not of my own to guide my hand into creating exquisite one of a kind abstracts. Not only do I create abstracts in encaustic, I also use acrylics and watercolors. I am self taught. I'm constantly drawing on things, from scraps of paper to canvas, to big pieces or bed sheets. I truly must create the images my mind sees.

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