Friday, May 15, 2009

Scent Of melted Wax

My art studio is in my second kitchen downstairs where I am cooking up colorful delights of multi colored encaustic paintings. Melting titling and blowing my way into creation, peeling and scraping to reveal detail in my encaustic painting's.
Not only is it fun for me to create but to watch my encaustic paints meld into each other becoming one is a mini film to my eyes.
The air is heavy with scent of melted wax as I am lost in the process of creating an art work for my home or exhibit.
I have tired many mediums to create with, watercolor,pastels and acrylics. Once I tried encaustic wax I was hooked by it's sensual flow of movement upon hardbboard.
I like the sheen it has once it is buffed, I like that it does not have to be displayed under class, I like that it as been around for 2000 years that it can with stand time.
I know never to leave a painting in full sunlight, as one should never do with any art work. I KNOW NEVER TO LEAVE AN ENCAUSTIC ART WORK IN A HOT CAR,or any art work in a car.A flood can not harm an encaustic painting, which it can for any other medium.
The real truth for the love of encaustic I like to cook, what a better way to paint to use my stove, hot plate, electric skillet,and my iron. Now thats HOT ART

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Johnnie Belinda creating unique art works out of melted pigmented bees wax. My unique encuastic abstracts I use a technique of melting, tilting, and swirling that creates the vivid abstracts of spirit beings and florals. I have no thought to what may appear on the hardboard surface. Allowing a force not of my own to guide my hand into creating exquisite one of a kind abstracts. Not only do I create abstracts in encaustic, I also use acrylics and watercolors. I am self taught. I'm constantly drawing on things, from scraps of paper to canvas, to big pieces or bed sheets. I truly must create the images my mind sees.

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