Saturday, January 9, 2010

If today where to be the last goodbye

If today where to be the last goodbye.
How would I feel?
There have been no resolutions.
Mother and daughter as we are.
I call to say how much I love you.
Can I be of any help this day.
I try to find happy memories from the past, where are they?
There are so few.
I know once the last last goodbye is said they will come rushing in like a flash flood tormenting the land.
Eroding all the bad that was in it's wake.
I wish I could be a little girl again.
Looking up from your lap into your eyes.
Seeing merriment once again in them.
To hear your voice strong and sweet like a song in it's self.
My hand in yours so small and weak.
With our hands together I feel your love.
In the last goodbye
Your lap is to weak to bare my weight
Your eyes are longer filled with merriment ,but pain
your voice weak and brittle like a fall leaf
Your hand small and weak in mine,I love you Mom is said in that hold.

Yes my Mother is still here in the living, yet she stands at deaths door.She Say's that big angel while be there to take her. She dreamed of it once, it told her it was not her time. She said it was the most peaceful sensation she has ever felt to be in it's presence. She had a dream the other day where her family, mother, father, and four sibling where gathered in a room she was not it yet she knew her presence was in it. She knows her time is near. To walk through the door of death. Into world of light filled joy where she will once again will sit upon a lap,see her Mothers merry eyes,sing songing of her voice,her hands once again in a loving hold


  1. Sending hugs & prayers for you both


  3. You and your mother are in my heart and prayers.

  4. Very nice ..."into a world of light filled joy"


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