Sunday, June 7, 2009


all those that are following my blog and to those that are collectors of my works.

I have sad news you missed out on buying MEDICINE MAN it sold over the weekend with five other works at THE VENUE GALLERY .


My abstract ART is imagery in which I let flow my inner most feelings, from, DEPRESSION,SADDNESS and HAPPINESS. I find ENCAUSTIC the MELTING OF pigmented BEES WAX to be therapeutic in the action of heating to the point of melting. I dripple and drop the melted ENCAUSTIC across the HARDBOARD surface and maniputate by tilting and and blowing hot air directly onto the MELTED WAX. This allows the blend of pigments and the formation of texture to the piece. When I am satisied with the IMAGERY I will bring out a detail by scratching or the use of a PAINTBRUSH and melted ENCAUSTIC to bring it to the foreground. I then POLISH the ARTWORK with a soft cloth to HIGH SHINE. ENCAUSTIC DO NOT HAVE TO BE DISPLAYED UNDER GLASS, polish them from time to time. NEVER LEAVE AN ENCAUSTIC IN A HOT CAR OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

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Johnnie Belinda creating unique art works out of melted pigmented bees wax. My unique encuastic abstracts I use a technique of melting, tilting, and swirling that creates the vivid abstracts of spirit beings and florals. I have no thought to what may appear on the hardboard surface. Allowing a force not of my own to guide my hand into creating exquisite one of a kind abstracts. Not only do I create abstracts in encaustic, I also use acrylics and watercolors. I am self taught. I'm constantly drawing on things, from scraps of paper to canvas, to big pieces or bed sheets. I truly must create the images my mind sees.

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