Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where tears fall

What is life ? Birth and death one from flesh one from spirit. Human life goes on no matter in which order it comes,young or old we die.
I am coming to terms of losing my life creator my Mother. Her beauty has waned her spirit is weak. A fragile shell is what exits now, how cruel our bodies can be by are eating it's self.
A weak vessel the body is, the spirit is the fighter. Enduring searing pain to see just another moment. Generations we seek to live, creating another form of ourselves, hoping each one will be better than our self's. This is how I see life, now that my life creator is entering the realm of ever lasting peace.

Great Grandmother and Great granddaughter my heritage speaks it's native tongue our spirit names have not been given to the young one yet.


  1. No words can convey the feelings I'd like to express of my sincerest heart-felt emotions as I read your blog post today. When life is 'waning', I personally reflect on the best momments & hang onto those times and prod a smile when tears are closest. (((BIG Hugs)))
    ~ Paula

  2. johnnie - thank you for sharing this wonderful narrative. your mother is beautiful and this is a beautiful honor to her.

    siempre- dorana

  3. Tears are falling in my lap Johnnie. God Bless you and your sweet mom, and your daughter and grandaughter. As painful as it is was for you to write this, I needed to read it this morning. Sending love, donna

  4. ((((HUGS)))) and prayers for you, your mom and family.

  5. Sending you healing energy. I lost my Mom to cancer 8-1-06. My thoughts are with you.

  6. She is truely blessed to be loved by a wonderful and beautiful family. That love is strong and will carry you all through life and rebirth with the Creator. Sending you Love and Hugs.


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